About Us

Our inspiration lies in the spirit of Los Angeles –

A diverse haven where art, music, culture and fashion coalesce.

" Koral Los Angeles was created to get back to the essence of what makes a great pair of jeans – quality material, refined finishing and flawless fit." - David Koral
The Koral story begins with true denim enthusiasts, three generations of visionaries who started the premium denim revolution and turned the jean into a quintessential icon of everyday fashion. Koral Los Angeles is the result of years of unbridled creative passion for denim and its continual evolution.
Koral Los Angeles jeans are designed using exceptional materials
to deliver a collection of denim with unparalleled style, construction and attention to detail that befittingly speaks our vision. We are devoted to exploring unbroached techniques, while preserving our exacting standards for fabric, fit and finish.
FABRICOur team travels the globe to hand-select clean, simple, pristine textiles, with the knowledge and intuitiveness that comes only with decades of experience. Our affinity for denim has further led us to develop our own exclusive fabrics, collaborating with the world’s most prestigious mills.
FITA flawless fit distinguishes the average from the exceptional. We work tirelessly to perfect our patterns, accounting for shrinkage during the laundering process, making acute adjustments after a series of fittings and repetitively testing our prototypes, all to ensure that every silhouette embraces the body with comfort and imbues confidence within its wearer.
FINISHOur finishing techniques enhance the natural nuances of our denim. Hand-crafted details are meticulously applied to reveal dimension, texture and character without appearing overtly contrived.
LIVED IN LENGTH A story lives inside every pair of jeans. With the distinct knowledge of how denim ages naturally, we are able to emulate the way denim breaks in and how it reflects the personality of its owner over time. Our signature Lived in Length collections are featured in a range of progressively altered washes starting from 0-Month and progressing to 48-Month.
CARING FOR YOUR JEANS To protect the wash and prolong the life of your jeans, follow care instructions found on each pair, as they may vary from one jean to another. For those who wear them often, but wash very seldom, we suggest to folding them neatly, sealing them in a plastic bag and freezing for at least several hours. This will eliminate unpleasant bacteria and keep your jeans fresh between washings.